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We might be able to direct you to a more appropriate member of staff to help with your query.  Please don’t be offended when our Receptionists ask for some more details of your condition.  If they know the nature of the problem they can ensure you see the right person.  We realise that things are personal, but by telling us what the problem is, it’s much easier for us to ensure that you see the correct clinician.  All of our  staff are bound by patient confidentiality.

The local pharmacies offer a broad range of services through the ‘minor ailments scheme’.  A clinical pharmacist is an experienced clinician who can treat many minor problems.  The practice does not prescribe antibiotics for illnesses which normally get better by themselves like viral illness – such as colds and flu, but you can seek help from the Pharmacist to give you advice on over the counter remedies.  Also included in the scheme are other self limiting conditions like indigestion, bites, head lice, cold sores, cystitis, constipation and oral infections.  You may wish to seek advice from the Pharmacy in these circumstances. If you are eligible for free prescriptions then you do not pay for drugs given by the pharmacy minor ailments scheme.

We hope you support us in making these changes to help you.

Many thanks.